Well, here she is. May we introduce Lily (after our number plate).
Having considered all the options carefully (well, this IS Janet and Eamonn we’re talking about here!) we thought, what the hell, we only live once, let’s get what we want!
Is it fuel efficient?…errr no!
Does it have eight leather seats, front seats both heated and cooled, air con, sun roof, power tailgate, 6 CD player, iPod Line in aux socket, satellite radio, memory seats, adjustable foot pedals, DVD player for the 2nd and 3rd row seats, (3rd row seats that fold down at the touch of a button), 700km on the clock, wireless garage opener and things we haven’t even figured out yet?….YES! Can it haul a load the size and weight of the 20ft container that our life’s belongings are in transit in at the moment?…apparently so! Is it fun to drive?…oh YES, YES, YES!!
Here she is against the Dodge Magnum hire car we have been driving for the last couple of weeks. This itself is an estate sized car but is sort of dwarfed.
Now we have the SUV, we decided to return the hire car today….which meant Jan following Eam all the way from De Winton to Calgary Airport (50km) where the car hire office is…up the busiest highway in Calgary, the Deerfoot Trail. With only country music radio for company, she weaved in and out of the traffic like she’d been doing it for years and we both arrived safely at the airport before dropping off the car and leaving together in Lily!

3 thoughts on “Wheels”

  1. Fab car!! Looking forward to travelling in style when we come over – the kids have already bagged the dvd seats! Snow looks lovely but don’t envy you having to clear it every day. We like the look of the donuts and are you planning to cover something very large in foil or is this part of the heat conservation drive? Love All xxx

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