Mmmm Pie!

We went to the Calgary Farmer’s Market today, which was really nice. It is an indoor affair.

We stopped off at a pie stall and the stall holder, picked up on our accents immediately. We were drawn to the stall by a sign saying “Melton Mowbray Pies”, which you don’t expect to see 4,400 miles from the UK and the stall holder advised that the owner of the business had been trained by Melton Mowbray. We got a steak pie for tea, with a tub of extra gravy thrown in and two pork pies (made just yesterday) for our lunch. These were very possibly the finest pork pies we have ever had!

At another pie stall, (honestly, there were more than pies for sale at the market!), they were giving away samples. We tried the Steak and Kidney Pie and we both thought that it would put up a fair fight with the fabled Ye Horns Inn Steak and Kidney Pie (for those of our readers who know that very excellent establishment/fayre).
We also bought organic meat, in the form of Bison Steaks, Chicken, Beef and Sausages. We sampled the sausages while we were there and they were delicious. There seemed to be a good range of organic and non-organic fruit and veg on various stalls, as well as fruit cakes, biscuits and other baked goods, gift items and so on.
It’s open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, year ’round and as long as the meat we have bought tastes good when cooked, we would definitely make the Calgary Farmer’s Market a regular haunt.
After the farmer’s market, we drove to Millarville Christmas Market at the Millarville Race Track.

There seem to be an abundance of Christmas Markets coming up in various locations, so that should be fun. Janet enjoyed some roasted chestnuts as we strolled and there were a number of stall holders that we might consider buying from if we see them at future markets…but for today, we were very disciplined and kept our dollars in our pockets.

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  1. Well… it’s a good job I’ve just had breakfast ‘else I’d be heading for the pie shop right now! As I sit here drooling it sounds like my kind of market 🙂

    Andrew (I didn’t get where I am today without chomping on the odd pie… or two…)

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