You can’t beat a bit of Bully on a Sunday!

With all the space we have going spare in the basement, we thought it might be fun to start investing in a few cheap games to entertain us. First up, is Darts! At just $9 (about £4.50) from Wal Mart (including the darts), it cost next to nothing. We are both truly awful (but improving ever so slightly as time goes on). The games are tending to be pretty close run things. With the iPod set to throw out tunes from the Eighties to remind us of when we might last have played Darts, the game has already provided us with numerous hours fun, competing against eachother for the bragging rights.
The “post-it note” flipcharts and flipchart markers that stayed with Eamonn when he left BT have proved to be extremely useful for keeping score!

We’d like a Pool table but the Wal-Mart one is a bit flimsy so we’ll have to keep looking.


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