Weather Report & Local Scenes

Having reported in the last item that we hadn’t had any snow since just after Christmas, we’ve now had the biggest falls of the winter so far. We’ve had several inches over a couple of days ending on Sunday, as illustrated with this shot (from Janet’s new camera) of the view when we opened our back door.

The last few days have been very overcast (white skies) and on at least one day, we have seen temperatures in the mid minus twenties Centigrade. Still, that didn’t stop us nipping out to “road-test” Janet’s recently acquired Nikon D80 with 18-200mm zoom lens, (a very nice piece of kit – although we are still at “neanderthal” level in terms of understanding and using all its features).

We popped up to take a shot of the new church in the north east corner of Okotoks that acts as a land-mark for several miles around.

We drove to look at Big Rock (which we have mentioned before) in winter. You may recall, this glacial erratic lies behind the naming of Okotoks.
We managed to pull over to the side of the main road into Okotoks to catch the sun as it set over the mountains to the west.
And the following morning, before the next bank of cloud rolled in, we managed to snap the tree outside our house, along with a view of next door’s very nice house!

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