The Deck is Coming Along

Good progress has been made over the last day or so, although it has come to a halt now due to the long weekend. We did manage to buy a tree for our garden though so we will be planting that tomorrow.

These are the cross beams going on the deck. The guy in the photo is Tony, (husband of Violet and the multi-talented co-owner of the barn in DeWinton that we stayed at when we first arrived here).

This is Ivor, son of Ivor (Senior), the latter of whom has designed and planned the deck and patio and helped mark out the borders with spray paint!

This is Ivor (Senior), friend and partner of Tony, supervising progress!
This is Tony again with his son Elliot, doing a fine job.
This is the deck with nearly all its boards. Now we need steps and railings.
More to follow.

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