Deck and Patio Work Continues

A further brief update on the deck and patio works.  The deck is beginning to look rather smart, although it still lacks steps, white aluminium railings and glass panels.
Compacting the gravel and sand bedding for the patio area…
The stones for the patio being delivered. This is a cool Tonka Toy…all managed by a remote control in the delivery guy’s hand. The rest of the pallets on his truck are ours too.

The patio starts with one stone in the middle, then a circle of stones around it. It may look as though Ivor has randomly chosen where to start laying stones but we assure you there was some science applied in deciding where the very first stone should be laid!

The circle is complete and now the patio border and infill stones are being laid.
The bulk of the patio stones are laid but the weather has been deteriorating all afternoon and work has to stop. Rain is forecast for the next few days (that was a very accurate forecast we can tell you!…it’s been raining heavily all week!) and so the final act is to cover over the “holes” in the patio with bricks to stop them becomming waterlogged. When work recommences, these stones will be cut with a special saw so that they precisely fit the holes they are covering.

With more rain forecast for Sunday and Monday, it is likely to be into the middle of next week before work can recommence. We’ll update the blog with the finished product.

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