Deck & Patio – Progress Report #3

Now that a week of rain has ended, work on the deck and patio has resumed and activities are now moving towards completion.
The deck now has the steps in place (minus fascia panels that will be added soon) and the white aluminium railings have been added (minus the glass panels that are now on order and should be installed in a week or two).Where necessary, the patio stones have been measured and cut to fit.Sand has been spread across the surface and swept into all the crevices and looking down from the deck, the patio is now looking very smart indeed. Work still needs to be done to repair the lawns around the patio, which will be addressed over the weeks ahead.All in all, it is shaping up very nicely and we have been very impressed with the professionalism of the team and their commitment to producing a quality product.We’ll post again when it is completely finished and when we have some furniture and a BBQ in place!

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