Little Lilly

After what was, we think, a 3 month wait, Janet’s new Ford Taurus has finally arrived (complete with bluetooth mobile phone facility, USB port and other assorted functionalities that we hadn’t expected). It appears to be a well thought through vehicle, with an easy layout and lots of little cubby-holes for hiding things! This evening, we went along to Okotoks Ford (where we bought Lilly, ourĀ other car) to pick her up and bring her home. Here’s their website…
Janet appears happy with this development…And this is Dylan Callum, the sales associate that we have worked with in selecting both of the cars. He has been an absolute star, completely non pushy, very friendly and very entertaining on test drives when, contrary to most test drives, he has encouraged us to, errr, test the limits of the vehicles we were interested in! Dylan is applying the licence plate that Janet went and purchased today.More photos of the car to follow in the days ahead.


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