Calgary Tower

Another trip out during Geoff & Hazel’s visit was to Calgary Tower.Here’s the website:
The website tells of the glass floor (see first picture below) that looks down onto the streets of Calgary below. It says it can hold the weight of a couple of hippos…but we don’t buy it….one of the panes of glass was making serious creaking noises whenever anyone placed a foot on it!
Just checking that no-one has run off with our car! The white one.
Off to the East of Calgary…
Pengrowth Saddledome, which the Calgary Flames Ice Hockey franchise calls home. It’s also where we went to see Brooks & Dunn and Alan Jackson with Geoff & Hazel and where Jan and I are off to see The Judds, Sugarland and James Taylor during the Calgary Stampede in July. And yep, we know that almost all those names mean just about nothing in the UK!
In the background, you can see Canada Olympic Park where Eddie The Eagle failed so gloriously in the Winter Olympics.
And off to the West and the Rocky Mountains.

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