June 20th, The First Day of Summer

Summer officially started in Alberta on Friday. No that’s not a typo…summer officially started this year, on June 20th! Thankfully, we have now entered a period of rather nice weather with temperatures in the 80’s most of this week just ending. We were getting very concerned as to how June might turn out given we had more rainfall in the first half of the month than is usual for the entire month of June. In fact, we are hearing this has been the wettest start to June in these parts since the 1930’s. It was clearly waiting for us to arrive! Anyway, as we say, the weather is coming on nicely now and everyone is beginning to relax in the sun…even the local animals. We were having a drive around today and came across this very chilled out goat enjoying the improved vantage point that his owner’s picnic table afforded him.J&E

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