Deck Update

The deck is now almost complete. Work had to stop with the fairly awful weather that marked the first half of June. But now, we hope you can see from this shot that we now have the glass panels in place and the pickets in the rails to the side of the steps. All that needs doing now is the addition of some fascia boards on the steps and the installation of a gas line for the BBQ. We have even installed some lamps on the rear wall of the house which, when lit, illuminate the deck just perfectly (and hey, we didn’t electrocute ourselves while doing it!)You will see that we now have said BBQ and we are very pleased with it. It all comes in a huge and very heavy box and you have to assemble it all yourself, which we spent today (Sunday) doing.It also looks very smart with its protective cover on.You can see that we also have our deck furniture in situ. We bought and assembled that last weekend. We were worried that the furniture and BBQ would dwarf the deck but if anything, it’s the other way around. We think we are still thinking in terms of the size of our UK house and we had to remind ourselves that at 20ft x 12ft,(240 square feet), the deck is larger than the combined size of our UK living and dining room!So, once that gas line is in (we would hope to have that done in the next week or so), we are off and running.

Around the patio, we are still not able to progress with repairing the lawn as we currently have an outdoor watering ban (the result of the recent rains causing some flooding down in Okotoks that all but “took out” the water treatment facility – several weeks later, we have only just had a “boil all water” order lifted but we are still days away from the watering ban being lifted).

All the rain has helped to green up the lawn nicely though…it looked very brown and nigh on dead when it’s snow cover first melted. You might also be able to make out that we have started to do some planting and that we are marking the edges of the borders with the same bricks that were used to construct the patio, which looks quite smart, we think.


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