Garden Works Continue

The weather has been glorious these past few days and it has enabled us to get back out in the garden to reclaim the borders we had previously dug, from the weeds that had taken them over in the recent wet spell. We now have two borders weeded, planted, matted and mulched.

This border is down the left hand side of the garden as you look from the house and is complete with some solar powered lights which look quite smart. Obviously, we are going to have to wait some time for the plants to mature! We are also interested to see how they cope with winter here. We have deliberately chosen extremely hardy plants that, according to their labels, laugh in the face of minus 30°C temperatures. We hope they’re right!This border is outside our “nook” (dining area beside the kitchen) and is quite a shady area.We have also taken a first step towards harvesting the heavy downpours of rain that occur here from time to time by installing a rain barrel. It’s already nearly full so we might start thinking about adding a second one as there is plenty more rain to come in the spectacular thunder and lightning storms we will see over the next couple of months.There is still a great deal to do to get things to where we want them by the end of this first summer season. We’re hoping that next year will be more about enjoying the hard labour of Spring/Summer 2008!


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