Garden Progress

It was May 4th, 2008 that we decided we had had enough of a plain lawn for a back garden (or back yard as they call it here). This was our starting point that day…no deck, no patio, no borders and a whole bunch of all but dead grass!

Some three months later, we are all but complete in the back yard…at least for this summer season. The deck and patio are done(bar a couple of minor jobs that need finishing), our BBQ gas line has been hooked up and new turf (Canadian’s call it “sod”) has been laid around the patio. Our personal contribution has been to spend countless hours making the borders, which has involved digging out the existing turf, demarcating each border with bricks, planting, matting and mulching. It has been very hard work, especially when the temperatures have sometimes been in the 90’s as we “toiled”.

The latest and final borders to complete are the long border down the right hand side of the yard as you look from the house……and this comparatively small border running in front of the deck, both of which we completed during the long weekend just gone. The grass continues to improve although it is still some way from the lush carpet of green that we wish it to be. Still, there’s always next year to tackle that! For the remainder of this summer season, we think we’re going to sit back with a bottle or two of beer and/or a glass of wine and enjoy all we have achieved thus far.


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