Jan’s Taurus – Few More Pics

We had previously promised a few more pics of Jan’s Ford Taurus. A couple of months into ownership, it seems to be running very well and as you might imagine, it’s a tad more economical than our other car! We used the Taurus for our day trip to Kananaskis, where these shots were taken. Busy, eh!So much for the “camera never lies”…the car is in need of a clean but in the sunlight, it looks rather smart…A leather interior (rather than cloth) helps to keep the static electricity shocks to a minimum. Jan, being just a little-un at 5ft 1″, particularly likes the fact that the car has pedals that can be raised or lowered to a comfortable position at the touch of a button. It also has bluetooth connectivity with her cell phone so that Jan can freak out when the car starts talking to her as she drives, reading her text messages and the like! Also, it has a snazzy little USB port hidden away in a compartment so that you can hook up your Ipod and notionally at least, use voice controls to choose tracks, etc. However, to date, this fool-proof Microsoft technology seems to be being unhinged by the Lancastrian tones in Jan’s accent!And here’s the owner, looking very proud!J&E.

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