One beautifully sunny afternoon during his stay with us, Andrew felt the urge for a round of golf and his chosen spot for this adventure was our local 9 hole course here in Okotoks, the Crystal Ridge Golf Course…

To get that 18 hole experience he was after, Andrew completed the circuit twice, while Eamonn came along for the ride in the buggy, Eamonn’s hand-eye co-ordination being such that if he actually attempted to swing a club, these unsuspecting little fellows would probably have been transited to the great pond in the sky!Andrew looked every inch the professional and soon got into his stride, here, putting for yet another par on this hole (a phrase Eamonn could not have uttered with any understanding at the start of the round!)And here he is waiting to tee off, buggy in the background, houses a safe distance further back (as long as Eamonn didn’t play!)Andrew felt it was a decent challenge and a very attractive course.


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