Heritage Park – Summer

In the run up to last Christmas we went along to one of our favourite places in Calgary, Heritage Park, to enjoy their “12 Days of Christmas” winter opening.

At that time, not all the “historic” properties were open and so, to return to Heritage Park in their peak summer season was a “must do” activity for us. Having Linda, Andrew, Sarah and Katie visiting from the UK provided us with the perfect excuse!

As you’d expect, there is quite a contrast between what follows and the pictures on the earlier post, above. There was certainly no sailing going on the last time we were here!It was an absolutely glorious day…And the steam train was busy doing it’s circuit of the park…Look back at the earlier post again – at the first picture it features (one of Eamonn’s favourite photos that we have taken while living in Canada). Here’s the same scene in a summer setting…This is The Prince House, which was somehow split into 3 horizontal sections to be transported to Heritage Park, before being reassembled on site!It is number 83 on the park map, here…


…a map that has just made us realise there is a whole section of the park we have yet to see!…which is all the excuse we need to go back again.

Inside the Prince House, there was this early example of a refrigerator…Outside The Prince House, there was a “period” children’s picnic in progress…Next door to The Prince House is The Sandstone House (number 85 on the map).Readers who know of us via the British Expats website might recognise this shot – it is the original of the avatar that we use on that excellent website…as Jan explained to Eamonn…”this is how I see a horse!” (Note that Jan is 5ft 1″ tall and Eamonn is 6ft 5″ tall – as a result, we perceive the world around us differently!)This was taken at the Nanton Livery Stables, number 52 on the map. Later, we took a trip on the SS Moyie……Before scrambling to catch the steam train……Which brings you to parts of the park you might otherwise miss…Many of the properties have informative guides on duty, always dressed in appropriate costume…here’s the chap at the Strathmore & Bow Valley Standard Newspaper Office (number 48 on the map)…It is a quite fabulous place to while away a day and also to relax at, as the late afternoon begins to think about calling on the evening…We’re quite sure we will return here, time and again, over the years ahead.


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