High River Highland Games

After our visitors returned to the UK, we had a scan of the local paper to look for other activities of interest that we might go along to and we saw that the High River Highland Games were on. This was August 23rd.


As we had one or two other commitments that day, we weren’t able to stay as long as might otherwise have done but what we saw, we wouldn’t have missed as it was all quite good fun. The dancing was excellent.Bag pipes aren’t our thing but bands of various ages and levels of experience were in evidence. Here’s one small group getting in a little pre-display practice.The combat demonstration was fierce…a display given by two ladies who, you just know, are in charge in their respective homes!The sheep dog demonstration was very amusing – we were walking towards where this was being held when we were passed by a sheep running at some speed in the other direction, followed by an elderly gent (very quick on his feet for his age) and his dog, both in hot pursuit! It all happened too quick so this is the best shot we could get…Anyway, said gent returned some little while later, with dog…but no sheep which, apparently, was not seen again all afternoon! The remaining two sheep were trouble though…you could sense the devilment in them!The highlight for us though was watching these guys hurling heavy rocks and other objects very impressive distances…they were not to be argued with.And to the age old question……well, now you know!


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