Trip to Kelowna

Jan’s boss at ReMax, recently sent Jan on an Office Manager’s course – that’s Jan’s role. The course took us to Kelowna, British Columbia, some 450 miles from our home here in Okotoks, Alberta. Our first thought was to fly but it seemed too good an opportunity to miss to drive up and over the Rockies and so that was what we did.

From a blog perspective, we don’t want to inundate you with too many shots you have already seen here before but as you’d expect, as you drive through the Rockies, you can’t help but stop from time to time to take in the view. This selection of pictures are all from the British Columbia side of the BC/Alberta provincial border, this being the first time we have crossed that line in our time here. As you will see, sometimes it’s the smallest things which are beautiful.The view of Lake Okanagan from our hotel room was better than we dared hope…And the views of Lake Okanagan from atop Knox Mountain were spectacular…On what was a tight schedule, we managed to sneak in a very quick visit to the pristine Mission Hill Winery… on the drive home, we had to stop at this equally impressive and classy establishment. We’ll leave you to figure out what they were selling…But hey, it MADE us stop and look…is that not the epitome of effective advertising?


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