Changing Seasons at Heritage Park

Jan’s Mum and Dad are back with us at present. They only went home on May 2nd so this place can’t be all that bad, eh! It’s lovely to have them back and to anyone moving over from the UK, we can say that it is a real help to the settling process to have a family/friend visit or two booked in for the months ahead, not necessarily right at the off (you need to get yourselves sorted first) but a way down the line. In our experience, in those times when homesickness kicks in (and it is entirely normal to miss something big or small, or someone, at some point) then knowing it is only a certain number of weeks until a family member of friend is going to come bouncing excitedly out of the airport, is a real boost. Of course, we know that financial, health or other constraints may prevent this for the families and friends of some people that move over but where that is not so, we would certainly recommend it.

Moving on, with Jan’s mum and dad here, we took them along to one of our favourite spots in Calgary, which as regular readers will know, is Heritage Park. From two different vantage points in Heritage Point, first, looking towards the Prince House and second, looking west across the Glenmore Reservoir, it is fascinating to watch the contrasts that come with the changing seasons. In these sequences, the first picture is taken in the middle of winter in December 07, the second in the height of summer in August 08 and the third, just 5 weeks later, on a very autumnal September 27th, 08.Here’s one or two more pics from today’s visit…we don’t believe we have covered too much of this before…For those of you who know us from British Expats, maybe we feel a new avatar coming on!You break left, I’ll break right, that’ll throw ’em!…Fabulous, fabulous place.


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