Boxing Day

We started our Boxing Day with another hearty breakfast at Poppy’s Brasserie in Chateau Lake Louise, perfect before a chilly but magical sleigh ride around the lake.

Mouse, on the left and Mutt, on the right, were the lucky pair who took us on our ride.We rode through the winding path around the lake. All we could hear were the jingle of the horse’s reins and the creaking of the sleigh.Despite several blankets and lots of layers of clothing, hats, gloves, scarves etc, we were freezing by the time we got to the turning circle at the far end of the lake. The driver joked that this was the end of the line and we had to make our own way back. Oh how we laughed (while staying firmly tucked under the blankets!)
After our ride and a very large cup of hot chocolate, we made our way down to Banff and the Sulphur Mountain Tramway. Truly stunning, but absolutely freezing.J&E.

Our Christmas Day

Before we begin with our Christmas day activities, we just had to post this picture. Spot the Brit (one of our visitors), desperate to get out in the lovely white powdery snow at every opportunity!We started our Christmas Day with a hearty breakfast at Poppy’s Brasserie, followed by a stroll out onto the frozen Lake Louise.

We then went for a walk in one of our favourite places, Johnston Canyon. We have posted pictures of Johnston Canyon in the winter before, but the sheer beauty and strangeness of this place in the winter-time never fails to amaze us.On the drive down to the Banff townsite, we were lucky enough to spot this herd of Elk on the frozen Vermillion Lake.We decided to take a drive around the picturesque Minnewanka Loop and as the evening started to come upon us, we were treated to the most lovely Christmas Day sunset.We drove back through the Banff Townsite to look at all the pretty Christmas decorations, all ready for our Christmas Dinner back at Lake Louise.J&E.