Sam & Andrew’s

We recently went to visit our good friends up in Edgemont in NW Calgary. They have the most amazing mountain views from their home, but until this day we had never managed to see them. We have always laughed over the fact that every time we visit them, their supposedly great mountain views are always shrouded in cloud and we didn’t really believe they were there!

They have now produced proof that they exist, so we thought we would share some of the fabulous views they get from their deck. Hidden again by fog!A beautiful sunset…
A Chinook arch at night…Snowflakes at night…J&E

Some of the Wildlife in Okotoks

While doing our weekend chores, we decided to take a little detour down some of the back roads around Okotoks. We were very well rewarded today with a sighting of a Coyote (something we have seen many times, but never managed to capture)… …two very proud stags keeping a watchful eye from their vantange point……and a Jack Rabbit just outside our house!J&E

A Day On the Lake

Monday 16th February was Family Day, which meant a public holiday here in Canada. Despite being around -10, we were blessed with lovely sunshine and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to take a stroll around the still frozen lake behind our home.This is the path we took which is carefully marked out by a tractor. The path was so smooth and shiny that it took us by surprise. We knew it had been marked out for skating, but we didn’t expect it to be done so well.There were peple making holes in the lake using an auger, which made us a little uneasy! Hopefully it was just enough to squeeze a fish through.Others were playing Ice HockeyAnd some kind soul had built a lovely warm fire, which was perfect to sit by and get warm, before heading home for some Hot Chocolate.It was one of those “feel good” days when you just wanted to be outside.

Cougar Spotted in De Winton

According to local news reports, a large cougar kept residents in the De Winton area close to home over this past weekend. The cougar was spotted on Saturday at an acreage just off 32nd Street. The advice given was to keep children and pets in the house. The RCMP, along with Fish and Wildlife Officers, searched for the cat over the weekend but as far as we know, they haven’t managed to locate it!

The DJ on the local radio station said, “well we do live in the foothills of the rocky mountains”!

We can’t decide whether it’s really cool or really scary!! We think we’ll go with cool!