Jan’s Mum and Dad were here with us in the summer. This was their third visit to see us and they have now spent a total of nine weeks out here across those three trips. It seems amazing to us that in moving 4,400 miles away, we actually get more time and more quality time to spend with family members than we did in the hustle and bustle of the UK versions of our lives!

Anyway, on one of the days they were here, while Eamonn was out with clients, Jan, Hazel and Geoff decided to take a drive to Lethbridge, which is about 180km south east of Okotoks. Lethbridge is Alberta’s fourth-largest city by population after Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer and about 86,000 people live there. Having four times the population of our town of Okotoks, it feels quite busy but it is quite an easy city to navigate around. It has many things to do, certainly considerably more than Jan and co found during their short day trip.Lethbridge has the longest & tallest Trestle Bridge in the world.They also managed a visit to the Japenese Gardens, which are quite small, but very pleasant to walk around on a sunny day.J&E

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