Brutal Weather Today

Well in our time here to date, today is probably one of the worst storms we have experienced.  A weather warning has been in place since yesterday. The wind and snow started early this morning (around 9am), and within a couple of hours visibility was poor on the highways and deteriorating rapidly. As conditions were one of the most extreme we have experienced, we decided to take a short film.

We were told that some schools have been closing and the local police are encouraging people to stay off the highways.  The Christmas parade, due to be held in High River this evening, has been cancelled along with the Festival of Lights in Airdrie.

The snow is blowing around so much that the houses at the other side of the lake are no longer visible!

The windows of our house are so covered in snow that we cannot see out of them properly – this has never happened to this degree before.

The following highway alert has also been issued:

“R C M P in the Calgary area are asking motorists to stay off of the highways. The Queen Elizabeth Highway 2, northbound and southbound is closed between Calgary and Airdrie because of a motor vehicle collision. Highway 2 at the highway 7 intersection near Okotoks is closed due to a multiple vehicle pile-up.”

We just hope all our friends take lots of care and get back safely today/tonight.


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