Once Upon A Christmas at Hertiage Park

Each year Heritage Park puts on its Christmas event.  As there has been a lot of work and upgrading of the park during this year, we thought we would go, not least because we wanted to see some of the changes and new additions.
This picture shows the entrance with its new “ice” rink which is comprised of a synthetic material which is a close alternative to ice. It will never melt or become lumpy.

Also new are shops, restaurants, a train station (restaurant) and the new gasoline alley.
Gasoline Alley used to be housed in the red barn in the park, but the collection has now grown and it is housed in this huge building.
Here are some of the new statues which are really lovely.
One of the many old style vehicles you see driving around.
There are horse and carriage rides around the park.  Here, the horses are just passing the Prince House, one of our favourites in the park.
This is the tree inside the house.
And of course, the lovely Wainwright Hotel.
The perfect place to post those letters to Santa.
And carol singers, dressed in traditional dress.
This picture shows the beech twig they used as a Christmas Tree in years gone by. There wasn’t always a plentiful supply of trees in these parts.
Big red barn that used to be Gasoline Alley.
Grain Elevator with remnants of the Chinook Arch that bought us such mild temperatures on the day.
Reservoir, just starting to freeze.
What a nice way to get in the mood for Christmas!

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