Snow Storm – The Aftermath

After the amount of snow that had fallen yesterday, it was understandable that there would be some consequences today.

Snow drift on our covered front porch.

 This is our drive taken from the bonus room window.


Drifts from the front of the house…actually, this is after clearing away most of what was a snow drift about two and a half feet tall!
And the Shovelling begins!
Snow piled up afer shovelling – one side.
Snow piled up – both sides.
A sprinkling of snow on the road!
Kids off Sledging.
Our neighbours used to have a basement window here!
This is our poor tree, we can’t see anything of its trunk!
Snow drift in the back garden.  We would estimate that to be about three feet high.
The lake is probably well on its way to being deeply frozen now!
And finally, we can’t tell you the number of vehicles we have seen in this situation…

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