Our Last Evening & Drive Home from Montana

Now on our final evening in Helena, and after a heavy day of walking, (downtown in the morning, followed by the museum and then some last minute shopping), we decided to go for a drive before dinner.  We got some lovely views, just as the sun was setting.  We also saw loads of deer.

I think we found the house of our dreams (a little blurry as we sped past in the car)
The next day, an early start was needed as we began our journey back to Okotoks, starting with the winding road through the mountains (Wolf Pass), but thankfully visibility was good.
After a brief stop in Great Falls, Montana (which, on first appearances, does not strike us as a place to rush back to), we reached the Canadian border crossing.  We were dealt with by the grumpiest guard ever!  He barely made eye contact with us.  Every question was “barked” at us.  He asked to see our passports, asked where we lived and what we had been doing in the US.  He asked us how much we had purchased in the USA (in Canadian dollar value – we were prepared for this).  As he handed our passports back without a smile, he said “go on” and slid his window shut!  So, seemingly, he was satisfied with the answers we gave.  He didn’t even ask to see our Permanent Residence cards.  On the upside, unlike the hour or so we spent at the US border on the way south, here, there was no one in front of us, we didn’t have to get out of the vehicle and we were through the border in probably 5 minutes.  Unpleasant that he was, 5 minutes with Mr Grumpy was never going to take the edge off what had been a hugely enjoyable short break.
Then it was straight (almost literally) back to Okotoks!
Just as we were hitting home, the sun was setting and we were treated to yet another stunning sunset.
It was a great experience and we really enjoyed our trip and now can’t wait to do it again.  We have all sorts of ideas for future Canadian and USA road trips!

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