Fish Creek Park – Part 2

After our last visit to Fish Creek Park, we just had to go back and see it again.  This time we went to a different part of it.

We’ve had some terrific mid-winter weather lately and a lot of the snow and ice has melted.  It was nice to see some water again.  The ice formations by the riverbanks were impressive, as were the large chunks of ice that had broken away from the sides.

As we stood admiring the view by these two trees….
We noticed that one of them had been slightly nibbled – could it be evidence of a beaver?
The ducks didn’t seem to mind the ice, and there were lots of them (including some black and white ones), both on the water and flying around overhead.
As we were walking back to the car, (as we had decided to go back to where we saw the Owl on our first visit), we saw four or five Blue Jays flying around in a tree.  Here’s one…
Arriving back where we had seen the Owl before, we wondered if we would be lucky enough to see it again.  We weren’t to be disappointed as we came across it in just about the first tree we looked up at!  But look carefully (easier once you get beyond the first of these photos)…there are actually two Owls snuggled together in the tree.  We have since been told that these are Great Horned Owls.  They were huge.
As we continued walking into the woodland, we were greeted by 3 deer.
There were still plenty of birds around despite it being the depths of winter.
As we were making our way back through the trees, the light was fading, giving them a lovely warm glow, which the picture doesn’t really do justice.
We would definitely recommend a visit, on a nice day.  The park has such a feel good factor about it.  For free entertainment, pretty much on your doorstep, it is hard to beat.

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