Waterton Lakes National Park

We keep seeing photos from friends of ours who visit Waterton National Park.  We have been meaning to go ourselves for some time. Well, the other day, the sun was shining and it seemed the ideal day for a drive to see this little gem in the Rockies for ourselves.

Before we go any further, we saw a bear, we didn’t manage to get a photo, but we saw a BEAR!  ONly our second ever bear!

Waterton is a sweet place.  The mountains seem to crash together with the foothills right infront of them, which makes for quite beautiful scenery.

The first thing we came across was the very appropriately named, Driftwood Beach.
Our first glimpse of the famous Prince of Wales Hotel atop the hill in the distance.
Outside the hotel were quite a number of Big Horn sheep.
Then, as we were driving down towards the high street, we saw this house with loads of deer outside, and not the plastic ones either!
This one was so sweet, lounging out, with face pointing up towards the sun!
We are not saying it is windy here much, but just look at the angle of all the trees.
And we came across some more deer.
And a woodpecker.

But we saw a bear too, honest!

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