Vancouver Trip – The Start

Driving in Canada is generally such a nice experience, that we decided to drive the 600+ miles from Okotoks to Vancouver.

The journey time is around 12 hours so we thought it best to split the journey and picked Salmon Arm from the map as an approximately halfway point.

We were all starving by the time we arrived and by pure luck, we found a lovely restaurant which was just what was needed after a long drive. Table 24 is situated in the building that was Salmon Arm’s first courthouse, built in 1929. Apparently, a portion of the kitchen, located in the basement, was used as an old jail cell.  We had to take this photo from their webstie, as, unusually for us, we didn’t take a photo! –

The food was out of this world, it was freshly prepared, and the steak was so tender, they didn’t even give you a steak knife!

After our meal, we decided to take a drive down to the harbour, which was really pretty.  Although there was a storm coming in, it was still warm, so we decided to take a stroll down the pier.
We saw lot of birds and on the way back we we spent a little while waching these Osprey, who seemed to have two chicks in their nest.
It was so calm and peaceful, it was hard to believe a storm was on its way.
We stood at the end of the pier listening to the thunder and watching the lightning in the distance.
We also saw this beaver, but it was getting quite dark at this point.
We just made it back to the car and back to the hotel before the heavens opened and we were treated to the most spectacular rain shower.
The next morning we took another stoll down the pier in the sunshine before we started on the second half of our journey.

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