Vancouver Trip – The Holiday: Arrival & Day One

After a long drive (mainly with the heavy traffic heading into Vancouver), we arrived at our apartment at around 6.30pm.  The apartment block didn’t look much from the outside, but it was, in fact, very nice and we had the biggest balcony we had ever seen.

We were on the top floor in the penthouse suite, where Katharine Hepburn stayed on a number of occasions. The suite was 1,900 square feet, with a massive, wrap around deck, which included barbecue, heater and lots of seating. The apartment also had an office, dining area, kitchen and laundry.  It also had a wood burning fireplace but it was far too hot to even consider using it!
Feeling energised after a very nice Thai take-out and a good night’s rest, we decided on an easy day in Stanley Park.
We started by taking in the wonderful view of the city.
Although we didn’t try it on this occassion, horse and carriage is a nice way to get around the park.
The Lions Gate Bridge.
The Hollow Tree is the lower trunk of a 700+ year old Red Cedar. The tree is often considered Vancouver’s first tourist attraction. After the storms of 2006, which devastated parts of the park, the tree was considered a hazard and approved to be removed. Thankfully, people lobbied to save the tree and it has now been reinforced, so hopefully it will be around for many more years to come.
We then took a stroll down to Beaver Lake, which is a lovely tranquil setting.
And of course you can’t go to Stanley Park without taking at least 100 photos of these cute and entertaining Racoons!
For the whole of our stay, we were blessed with incredibly good weather, although it was a little too hot at times.  More to follow in the days ahead!

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