Brad Paisley

Brad was back at the Saddledome again this Tuesday. Although we have already been lucky enough to see him twice, we just had to go and see him again.  We haven`t posted too much on this concert as we know we have posted before.  Still, for all those Brad fans – hope you like it!

The show opened with Justin Moore, who we don`t know a lot about, but he was actually very good.

We didn`t manage to get any video as it was just too busy, but we did find this of him on You Tube.

Justin was followed by Darius Rucker, who the crowd seemed to adore!  He was also very entertaining.

Then of course, the person we had all be waiting for – the star of the show.  As it was his H20 tour, he came on stage as though dripping wet getting out of a swimming pool – excellent!
We have never seen such a choice of guitars.  We lost count of how many he had, most of them very colourful or sparkly!
You can see from this short clip, that he doesn`t really take himself too seriously!
Brad was kind enough to come and sit right in front of us for a few songs, so we had a really close up view!

As we were leaving, Brads BIG truck was outside – Jan was obviously star struck at this stage!


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