Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Continuing on from our Salt Lake City/St George blog…

So we moved swiflty on from St George (21st December). Next stop, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This was only about a five hour drive.  It was still wet, but the roads and conditions were improving dramatically from everything we had experienced so far.  It was lovely to see “snow free” roads.

Lake Havasu City is a resort built on the Colorado River, which is popular with the land-locked citizens of Arizona. In 1968, Robert McCulloch bought London Bridge and transported it, stone by stone, to its current location. He was mocked by some, suggesting that he thought he had bought London’s Tower Bridge. There was more hilarity when it appeared that there was nothing for it to span! Undaunted, McCulloch (who always insisted there was no confusion over which bridge he had purchased) created a resort “island” by digging a chanel to divert water from Lake Havasu.

We stayed at the London Bridge Resort.

As soon as you step inside, you are faced with (so they claim) the world’s only replica of England’s Gold State Coach.

You can’t have all this water without the odd duck!
Well, it’s pretty much all about the bridge here, so here are some photos of it!  It did seem strange, seeing this transplanted British architecture in America.  We really could have been looking at a bridge over the Thames.  The sky looked pretty British too! 😉

 It looked lovely lit up at night too.


 The lights in the hotel grounds were also very pretty.


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