San Diego Botanical Garden

We had intended to visit Sea World San Diego but having arrived there, the place was heaving with people and so we decided to turn around and head for the San Diego Botanical Gardens.

Other than birds, we saw only one bit of wildlife – this very tiny lizard!  Look carefully now!
San Diego is, apparently, the biggest grower of avocados and it was amazing to see them still on the trees in December!
 We also saw bananas growing.

 Lovely displays of plants

 And flowers. 

We used to grow Agapanthus in our garden in St Albans, something we are not sure will survive here in Alberta!  It was a real treat to see them again!

 We walked up to the viewing platform, where you got a nice look out over the ocean.

 These are Dragon Trees, when you look at the branches, you can see why.

This is a bit hard to see, but it is a paper tree.  The bark was just like layers of paper and you could tear bits off in thin strips.  Very odd!
Giant Bamboo
 And of course, oranges, which seem to grow in an abundance, everywere.
After leaving so much snow, it was a real treat to get out into the sunshine and walk around a lovely quiet garden.

San Diego Seaport Village & La Jolla

After a hectic couple of months, we now have a small opportunity to continue with the account of our raod trip to the States over the Christmas and new year period.  After Scottsdale, we drove to San Diego.  Just wanting to be outside and make the most the sunshine, we headed to one of our very favourite areas of San Diego – The Seaport Village.

A few shots of downtown!  This first one is a panorama, which is best viewed by clicking on it.
This was looking across at all the shops and restaurants at the Village.
One of the restaurants, perched over the water.
As we took a moment to take in the view, we saw two Pelicans come in to land!

  You couldn’t have a port without a sailor and his “girl”.


 This one shows the scale of the statue!

 We then headed down the road to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya). 
It isn’t that we particularly miss open waters on a day to day basis, but it is nice to get a little “fix” of shorelines and lapping waters from time to time!
 We walked down onto the beach, were there were loads of harbour seals
 They seemed happy enough basking in the sunshine.

  Something seemed to tickle this one!!

It was a lovely and relaxing day and so nice to see green grass, blue skies and water!