Palm Springs Living Desert

Leaving San Diego, we were, for the first time, heading back towards Okotoks but we weren’t finished yet!  Next stop, Palm Springs, or Palm Desert actually, which is just down the road from Palm Springs.  We started the day with breakfast at Starbucks.  While we were sat outside enjoying our coffee, a Roadrunner whizzed by…
After breakfast, and wanting to make the most of the warm weather, we had to find stuff to do outside! So we decided on the the Living Desert.
This is a really nice place where you can stroll along in the sunshine.
We got to see our second Roadrunner of the day!

And a type of Heron.
We spotted this humming bird having a drink from the hole in the soaker pipe!
 There were humming birds flying around us all day.  Not easy to catch on camera, but we got a few!
 I know we keep saying it, but it was so lovely to see things out in bloom.

 There is plenty of wildlife to see at the Living Desert… 

  This Bob Cat was quite fascinating to watch and very cute (from a distance!)



A really wide faced cat!
A Swift Fox, who was very aptly named – this was the one moment it was still!
A small furry thing in a bowl!

A badger.

Big Horn Sheep – we know we see loads of these in Canada, but hey!

 This one seemed to be enjoying the rays too!

Gazelle type things.
African painted dogs

  As the sun was starting to go down over Palm Desert, we reached the Giraffes

  Who became beautifully silhouetted against the sky line.

Ahhh, the end to a wonderful day!

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