Waterton in May!

We decided to take a drive to Waterton today, what we didn’t quite reckon on was the total difference in the weather from Okotoks. The amount of snow still hanging around in Waterton on 30th May was quite something!¬† It is such a beautiful¬† place in the summer – but today we had an insight as to just how long and tough the winters there might be!

002-Snow 003-Snow

We just had to take a photo of the Prince of Wales – it is hard to go to Waterton and not!




Oil City Monument below, to read more about it visit: http://www.mywaterton.ca/OilCity.cfm


Although for most of the day it stayed fine, as we were leaving the weather started to turn and the clouds began to roll in!


However as we got closer to home, the weather started to improve again and we were back into sunshine before we knew it!  We just had to stop and take a quick snap of this cute little calf who seemed to want to cool down or play in the water.