Double Rainbow

001-Double-RainbowWe just had to post this beautiful double rainbow. Apparently (after checking on Wikipedia of course) the colours of the secondary rainbow are reversed, the secondary rainbow is also lighter, so we assume that is the top one.   We are not sure we have ever seen a double rainbow before and of course the wide open skies here make for great viewing!

Gopher Hole Museum, Torrington

Welcome StatueToday we decided to take the 150km trip to Torrington – I know it may sound like a long way but with open roads and not much traffic, you can make swift progress!

Torrington is a small Hamlet and boasts a large sculpture that can’t be missed of a large 12ft gopher named Clem T GoFur!

As you can see the fire hydrant in front of the sculpture is also painted as a gopher, as are all 11 of the hydrants in Torrington.  Below are a few more examples.  It does make for quite a cheery fire hydrant!

003 Fire Hydrant

007 Fire Hydrant

006 Fire Hydrant004 Fire Hydrant

While strolling around Torrington we also came across an old church and a very friendly cat!

004 Church

016 Friendly cat

015 Friendly cat

Then we headed to the main attraction – the Gopher Hole Museum. I don’t think being crazy is a requirement to visit but it probably helps!!

023 Gophers

025 Gophers

024 Gophers

022 Gophers

021 Gophers

020 Gophers