John Michael Montgomery

Tonight, we went to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino to see John Michael Montgomery. As he didn’t start until around 9.30pm we had to kill some time by eating prime rib at the Mohave Grill!!

John Michael has been out of action for a while and we thought we may never get to see him, but tonight we did, from Row 7 of the very intimate Chrome Room!

Some of you will recognise this song from the many covers done over the years, this is one of our favourites.

This is a true country song!

This is probably the song he is most famous for, and of course the one he had to end with once he had the crowd rockin’…

It was a good night out!


It was such a beautiful Alberta day today that we decided to take some much needed time out and have an afternoon to ourselves!

We drove to High River for some lunch at Smittys and then on to Nanton and then the turn West towards Chain Lakes.  It is such a beautiful and tranquil drive.  We saw loads of birds of prey, fields full of prairie flowers and wide open spaces.

As we turned North onto the main highway towards Longview, we spotted this Moose in the field.  It was fairly close and seemed to hang around for ages.

Why is it on days when you see stuff, the good camera is always at home!?  We did our best with what we had and it didn’t take away from such a special and exciting moment.

It begins to head off into the trees, making short work of the fences as it goes.