Mossleigh & Vulcan

We had a whirlwind visit with Linda (Jan’s sister).  We had to do a bit of sightseeing, so we started with a quick trip to Aspen Crossing in Mossleigh.  We saw this cute little beetle covered in flowers.  There is also an 1887 Pullman Rail Car used as a dining car, a garden centre and campgrounds.

001 Mossleigh

003 MossleighTo find out more about Aspen Crossing, you can watch the video (there are lots more on you tube) below or visit:

We continued down the road to Vulcan, where we started in the tourist information and trek station.  As we had a walk around the streets of Vulcan, we realised that the Startrek theme didn’t stop at the Trek Centre!



012-Star-Treck-StatueA lovely day out, with lovely weather!


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