Carefree, Arizona

Just before heading off to Carefree, we took a few photos of our sunny yard in our rental property.


Behind was an environmental reserve, we heard some very strange noises during the dead of night, one of them we think might have been a fisher cat – which was a bit like a screaming banshee, the next day we saw the Wildlife control person out and about!


Today we took a trip to Carefree to see one of the largest sundials, unfortunately there was a Christmas market on in the town, so the dial was covered with stalls! It was really nice to walk around though, apart from the snow (ready made / fake of course) we had tried very hard to escape that!!

As were strolling we spotted the English Rose Tea Room, somewhere we have often said we should visit, this time we did, although it was very busy, on this occasion we managed to get in without a reservation, and we had a lovely afternoon tea.


With its quaint interior the English Rose Tea Room feels very English in the middle of the desert. Click this link to take a look at the menu:

On the drive home we saw a lovely sunset – ahhh we are starting to relax.



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