Apacheland, Tortilla Flat, Superstition Mountain & Goldfield Ghost Town

Today we took a drive out to Apacheland Movie Ranch.  Since 1959 Apacheland has hosted many western movies and TV shows.  A number of Hollywood stars filmed here including John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Jack Nicholson, Ronald Reagan and many others. For a list of actors and films CLICK HERE.

This is the Elvis Presley Chapel from the film “Charro” 142 Apache Land Chapel

143 Apache Land Chapel  145 Apache Land ChapelIn the gift shop, there is a small museum to have a look around.

146 Museum

147 Museum

148 Museum

149 Museum

150 MuseumAfter Apacheland we took a drive towards Superstition mountain, stopping briefly on the way at Tortilla Flat, which apparently has a population of six!  There is a Saloon bar, which we since read have real saddles as bar stools and the wallpaper is made from real dollar bills!  There was a live country band playing too.  Perhaps next time we might have to pop in for a swift one.  For more on Tortilla Flat CLICK HERE151 Apache JunctionWe carried on to Superstition Mountain, which had some very scenic views.159 Superstition Mountain162 Superstition Mountain163 Superstition Mountain DriveIt was also quite unusual in Arizona to come across a large lake

160 Superstition Mountain    164 Superstition Mountain DriveAnd even more odd to see cactai happily growing by the side of the lake!165 Superstition Mountain Drive

166 Superstition Mountain Drive

167 Superstition Mountain Drive

Our final stop on the way home was Goldfiled Ghost Town, where you can take a mine tour if you so desire!  Again here you will find shops, saloons and of course the obligatory gun fight.  For more information CLICK HERE  170 Goldfield Ghost Town

171 Goldfield Ghost Town

172 Goldfield Ghost Town

173 Goldfield Ghost Town

All in all quite a pleasant day out, seeing new things and being outdoors in the lovely weather.


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