Fiddleheads are back in supermarkets here in Canada. We always have to stare at them in wonder, but we haven’t yet got round to trying them!!!

As we understand it, fiddleheads need to be washed well and then you cook them like asparagus although they do need to be cooked thoroughly as undercooked fiddleheads may cause an upset stomach.

Another reason we never get round to it is because the season is incredibly short.  Perhaps next year!

Fiddleheads - May 2014


The British Chippy Comes To Okotoks

You may remember that some years back we posted about the British Chippy in Bridlewood.  Well great news, we have just learned that they are opening a second location in Okotoks in July 2014.  This is most pleasing and I am sure they will do a booming trade.

Here’s hoping they have enough food for their opening night as we think they could cause a stampede!

The new location will be at 94 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks and more information on the British Chippy can be found at:

Happy days.