Palm Springs, California

We have now arrived in Palm Springs.  Our accommodation is set in lovely grounds and we have a view of the pool from the kitchen window.  We also have hummingbirds come and visit most days!020 Pool area and view from our unitToday we thought we would visit El Paseo Shopping area, which is one of our favourite high streets in the area.  Below are a couple of the sculptures along the street.021 El Paseo

023 El Paseo


Civic Centre Park, California

As we were driving around yesterday, familiarising ourselves with the area, we came across Civic Centre Park.  It is not somewhere we have been before, so we thought we would have a stroll around it today…it was really nice. We have since learned that it is the largest of Palm Deserts parks.

026 Civic Park(He’s not real!)025 Park

030 Civic Park - Heron  027 Civic Park

028a Civic ParkFor some reason this little Heron came running towards us, and then stood in front of us for ages. 034 Civic Park - Heron

032Civic Park - Heron

033 Civic Park - Heron

Our last stop at the park was the Desert Holocaust Memorial which we both found really interesting.035 Desert Holocaust Memorial

036 Desert Holocaust Memorial   039 Desert Holocaust MemorialThese are replicas of the posts that carried electrified barbed wire around the camps.

040 Desert Holocaust Memorial


Las Vegas – November 2014

Heading down to Palm Springs for our winter break, we had to make the obligatory stop off in Vegas.

Last year we saw this wheel being built.  It is very odd seeing something so similar to the London Eye in the middle of Vegas.  However, at more than 100 ft taller than the London Eye, this is currently the worlds tallest ferris wheel.  001 1125 High Roller Vegas

002 1125 High Roller Vegas

This year though it was up and running so we decided to take a trip on it.  The pictures aren’t great due to the reflections, but you get the idea!016 1125 High roller tickets

003 1125 High Roller Vegas

004 1125 High Roller Vegas

005 1125 High Roller Vegas

007 1125 High Roller Vegas

008 1125 High Roller Vegas

009 1125 High Roller Vegas

010 1125 High Roller Vegas

011 1125 High Roller VegasAfter the wheel we spent some time shopping and sightseeing along the Strip.  Below is this years Christmas display at the Venetian.

012 1125 The VenetianAfter all that walking we needed some food and a sit down.  We thought we would give Guy Fieri’s place a go – what a burger!  Because it was Guy’s we felt justified in squashing it down and shoving it our faces!012 1125 Guy Fieri Restaurant

015 Vegas at nightAnother special day in Vegas!