The Living Desert, Palm Springs

It was a beautiful day to be outside today, so we decided to head to Living Desert Zoo.

The first animal we came across was this very attractive Mexican wolf.001 Wolf

002 Mexican Wolf

We then came to the Bobcats.003 Bob Cat

004 Bobcat

and the Serval005 Serval

The Mountain Lion (or Cougars as we know them) was spectacular, although he did look a bit hungry!  These are the beasts that get spotted around Okotoks from time to time.006 Mountain Lion

007 Mountain LionThe Wild Boar011 WarthogThis poor big horned cow looked like it could barely lift its head with the weight of its horns!012 Longhorn CattleThese are Greater Kudus

015 Greater Kudu

And of course the very entertaining and amusing Merekats!016 Meerkat

017 Meerkat

As well as animals, it also has a fairly spectacular outdoor miniature railway – it is very detailed. 010 Trains

For more information on the Living Desert in Palm Springs click here, it is a great day out, if you are in the area.


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