Jasper – 1 July 2015

As we had Eamonn’s niece, Natasha visiting, we thought Jasper would be a stunning introduction to the Canadian Rockies.  I know we have photographed many of these scenes before, but it is just so beautiful, you can’t help but take a few more!!  Shame about the dull sky on the drive there.

001 Lake & Mountains

002 Lake & Mountains

This was a Clarks Nutcracker at Lake Louise.  Unfortunately with it being Canada Day, Lake Louise was incredibly busy so we thought we would carry on and try again on the journey back.

003 Clarks Nutcracker at Lake Louise

As we drove the Icefields Parkway, we stopped off at many scenic spots along the way, the first being Peyto Lake.

005 Peyto Lake

This area is known as Big Bend and you can see the Icefields Parkway as it snakes through the mountains.

006 Big Bend & Big hill

This is a shot of the snow still present on the mountains.

007 Snowy Mountain

Another stop was the amazing and powerful Sunwapta Falls.

008 Sunwapta Falls

009 Sunwapta Falls

010 Sunwapta Falls

011 Sunwapta Falls

As we were driving along, we spotted this Elk Stag.

015 Elk near Jasper

After dinner, we took a look at the peaceful Beauvert Lake, which was just gorgeous at that time of night.

017 Lake Beauvert Evening

018 Lake Beauvert Evening

Before long though, Elk started to appear out of the woods and we were soon surrounded.  Thankfully though, they just seemed to have dinner on their mind.

020 Lake Beauvert Evening

021 Lave Beauvert Evening

This one walked right past us, and it was huge.  Shame it blurred (it was going quite dark and the camera didn’t like it!).

022 Lake Beauvert Evening

It was a lovely and relaxing first day in Jasper.


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