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Shania’s Farewell Tour!

Shania Twain has announced that she is going to wrap up her performing career with a three month farewell tour. So we decided to take the trip to Edmonton to see her one last time. (At the time of booking the tickets, she wasn’t planning to come to Calgary – although we believe she is now).
Anyway, it was a great show and below is a bit of video footage and few photos.

001 Shania

003 Shania

005 Shania

006 Shania

009 Shania       E&J

Las Vegas, Nevada

On Saturday 7th December, after two days of driving via Helena, Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah we arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This time we stayed in the Homewood Suites in Henderson, South Las Vegas.  The room we stayed in was nice and we had this lovely Christmas tree right outside our patio door.  The hotel itself was in a very nice area, but the hotel casino had closed down, so it was a bit dead, we wondered if it wasn’t doing so well.  It was quite far out, so perhaps that’s why.  007-Henderson-Hotel-Grounds-2

On Sunday morning we headed into Vegas for a bit of sightseeing and shopping.




They seem to be building a structure that is very similar to the London Eye.  It wasn’t open yet, perhaps next year we’ll get chance to go on it.


And now, for the real reason we were in Vegas, our much awaited Shania concert.  We have both wanted to see her and we enjoyed it very much and she had some amazing back up dancers on with her, as well as horses!  As we hadn’t had chance to eat before the concert we were both starving when we came out – what a bonus that Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill was right opposite us!


It had been a very enjoyable couple of days in Vegas.


Garth Brooks, Calgary Saddledome 2012

We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get tickets for Garth Brooks at the Calgary Saddledome for July 2012.  Tickets sold out in less than a minute, so it really was incredible to be going.

It was of course a fantastic show.

The video doesn’t really do the show justice, but here it is.





Fantastic night.


John Michael Montgomery

Tonight, we went to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino to see John Michael Montgomery. As he didn’t start until around 9.30pm we had to kill some time by eating prime rib at the Mohave Grill!!

John Michael has been out of action for a while and we thought we may never get to see him, but tonight we did, from Row 7 of the very intimate Chrome Room!

Some of you will recognise this song from the many covers done over the years, this is one of our favourites.

This is a true country song!

This is probably the song he is most famous for, and of course the one he had to end with once he had the crowd rockin’…

It was a good night out!

Brad Paisley

Brad was back at the Saddledome again this Tuesday. Although we have already been lucky enough to see him twice, we just had to go and see him again.  We haven`t posted too much on this concert as we know we have posted before.  Still, for all those Brad fans – hope you like it!

The show opened with Justin Moore, who we don`t know a lot about, but he was actually very good.

We didn`t manage to get any video as it was just too busy, but we did find this of him on You Tube.

Justin was followed by Darius Rucker, who the crowd seemed to adore!  He was also very entertaining.

Then of course, the person we had all be waiting for – the star of the show.  As it was his H20 tour, he came on stage as though dripping wet getting out of a swimming pool – excellent!
We have never seen such a choice of guitars.  We lost count of how many he had, most of them very colourful or sparkly!
You can see from this short clip, that he doesn`t really take himself too seriously!
Brad was kind enough to come and sit right in front of us for a few songs, so we had a really close up view!

As we were leaving, Brads BIG truck was outside – Jan was obviously star struck at this stage!


Johnny Reid

We went to see Johnny Reid tonight at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary.  It is a really nice venue set in lovely grounds with the most amazing views of the city.

OK, so he might not look out of place down the Golden Mile and he should probably avoid dancing, but if you can get over that, he does have a fantasitc voice and is a teriffic song writer!

This is his latest single which is currently in the charts complete with two strapping Scotsmen playing bagpipes! 

All in all, another good night out in Calgary.


Ridley Bent & Corb Lund

We had a good night out in Calgary at the weekend.

We had a meal at the Red Lobster, one of our favourite spots for a bite to eat. After finishing our meal, we were a little early for the next part of the evening, a concert up at the Stampede grounds. As such, we decided to take a drive to one of the higher points in Calgary so we could get a nice view of the city at night.

Then we made our way to the Corral, an arena that we haven’t been to before. It was quite small, which meant that we had a superb view.

Ridley Bent
Eamonn has had this chap’s CD in his car for over a year! You can imagine he was very pleased to see him play live at last! We also got to meet Ridley in person after his concert and he signed a copy of an earlier CD of his. He was a real gent.

Corb Lund

A terrific night’s entertainment.


Kenny Chesney – 10th July 2009

Night 3 of 4 of our Calgary Stampede concerts was headlined by Kenny Chesney. Kenny’s support act was Jake Owen.And here’s some footage of one of Jake’s big hits, Yeehaw!Next up was the main event, Kenny Chesney. His show was fantastic. End to end hit songs. The crowd loved him.Now, how about some Kenny Chesney video footage…We Went Out Last Night…Summertime…There Goes My Life…How we love Stampede season!