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Hail Storm

We had the most incredible hail storm in Okotoks today.  We think it is definitely the biggest hail we have ever seen and it has done a lot of damage in the area especially to windows, roofs, cars etc.

We don’t think I captured some of the biggest pieces that fell, but you get the idea!




The British Chippy Comes To Okotoks

You may remember that some years back we posted about the British Chippy in Bridlewood.  Well great news, we have just learned that they are opening a second location in Okotoks in July 2014.  This is most pleasing and I am sure they will do a booming trade.

Here’s hoping they have enough food for their opening night as we think they could cause a stampede!

The new location will be at 94 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks and more information on the British Chippy can be found at:

Happy days.


Double Rainbow

001-Double-RainbowWe just had to post this beautiful double rainbow. Apparently (after checking on Wikipedia of course) the colours of the secondary rainbow are reversed, the secondary rainbow is also lighter, so we assume that is the top one.   We are not sure we have ever seen a double rainbow before and of course the wide open skies here make for great viewing!

Town of Okotoks Community Calendar

For those living in Okotoks, check out the month of October 2011 in your new Okotoks Community Calendar.  It should have been delivered with your Western Wheel this week.  The photo it features was taken by Jan.

The sharp eyed among you might recognise the photo as that used on

We both really like the photo and thought we would submit it for inclusion in the community calendar – and it got selected!

The photo was taken from our home, one fairly still, summer evening.


The Lake Freezing

This blog post is for especially for Lee in the UK, who wanted to see some photos of the lake freezing.  We have never really monitored how quickly the lake starts to freeze once it begins to get colder, so actually, we thought it quite a good idea!

We first noticed ice on the north end of the lake on 13th November.  However, it warmed up a little the next day and it looked as though most of it had melted.

We took this photo on 17th November which doesn’t look much further along than it had looked to us on the 13th.

We took these two the next day, the 18th November (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and with the amount of snow and freezing temperatures, you can see that the lake is pretty much covered now.

19th November 2010
20th November 2010
21st November 2010
22nd November 2010
There doesn’t seem to be much changing on the surface at the moment, so we have decided to leave it a few days.
24th November 2010
We have the first person testing the lake.
He was obviously happy with the thickness of the ice, as the skating rink prep begins.  Not being brought up with this sort of thing, we usually wait until the lake staff put up their notice to say the lake is safe to go on!
However, this was issued on 25th November from the Beach House saying that the last recorded ice thickness was two inches and it is not yet considered safe – oops.
Sunday 28th November 2010
It was quite a nice day out, not too cold.  So more work begins on creating new skating rinks.

They certainly make the most of it and were out on the lake for several hours.

However, on 29th November, they Beach House was still suggesting that the ice is still not thick enough at just six inches, which seems quite thick.  However, we believe the Beach House likes the ice to be 10″ to 12″ in depth for greater safety, (especially for use by the community at large as opposed to these few folk) which is just fine by us!!

On the 1st December the ice seems to be melting as the notice on the website had changed from 6 inches to 5.5 inches.  It was still saying that on 9th December so we popped into the beach house.  Unfortunately, due to the warmer weather, they are saying that it is unlikely to be considered safe until after Christmas. 
However, while we wait, we have had a couple of garden visitors over the past week or so.


 Have you ever seen a deer under a trampoline?  They seem to quite like it under there.
Personally, we think seeing a deer on a trampoline, instead of underneath it, would make a much better photo!

We will keep you posted.

Day at the Beach – IN OCTOBER!

Saturday was such a beautiful, warm and sunny day, we decided to make the most of it (especially this late in the year), and so we headed to Crystal Shores beach.  Two minutes later were sitting in the sunshine and admiring the view.

As you can see it was packed!
We spotted something in the water and decided to take a walk along the jetty to investigate.

Before too long, this little fellow was swimming towards us.  Not a Beaver, just a Muskrat (quite similar to a Beaver, but smaller).  It was still a little bonus for us on our day out!

 A very nice way to spend a couple of hours – note to ourselves…we must do this more often!

We Never Tire of Those Mountains

On the drive down to High River this morning it was hard to keep our eyes on the road.  The sun was just coming up, making the mountains look pink.  It didn’t last very long and unfortunatley the photo doesn’t really do them justice.  It was one of those “so lucky to live here” moments!