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A Day On the Lake

Monday 16th February was Family Day, which meant a public holiday here in Canada. Despite being around -10, we were blessed with lovely sunshine and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to take a stroll around the still frozen lake behind our home.This is the path we took which is carefully marked out by a tractor. The path was so smooth and shiny that it took us by surprise. We knew it had been marked out for skating, but we didn’t expect it to be done so well.There were peple making holes in the lake using an auger, which made us a little uneasy! Hopefully it was just enough to squeeze a fish through.Others were playing Ice HockeyAnd some kind soul had built a lovely warm fire, which was perfect to sit by and get warm, before heading home for some Hot Chocolate.It was one of those “feel good” days when you just wanted to be outside.

The First Winter Snow Fall

We got our first substantial snow of the winter today. It started to snow at around 9am this morning and continued to snow until around 5pm, leaving us with about 6inches of snow on the ground.

The snow ploughs/gritters did manage to clear and grit the main routes by around mid afternoon. However, when we were out at midday, the roads were fairly slippery and overall conditions and visibility weren’t good, but with a little caution we could still get around.

We found some useful “driving in the snow” tips at the following web address. Some of the tips could be a little over cautious, but with a bit of common sense, getting around shouldn’t cause too many difficulties: Winter Driving Tips
This is a picture of one of the more frequently used roads, where track marks were quite visibleOne of the less frequently used roads where track marks are not so visibleSnow plough churning out snow to the sideThe upside to the snow falling on a fairly mild day, is that once you get safely home, you can play in snow and behave like a kid again!J&E

Okotoks Heritage House Museum

Okotoks Heritage House Museum…isn’t the world’s largest by any stretch of the imagination, but what a fascinating visit it is and the staff there are absolutely excellent. If Okotoks is, or may be, your home, it is well worth taking the time out to go along. Despite its size, it has a number of exhibits covering things like how Okotoks got its name, how it has changed over the years, early industry, old street maps, etc.The Museum buiding was the home of GA Welch, the Okotoks Mayor between 1918-21 and 1923-26.Whilst there, you can pick up a map outlining the Okotoks Historic Downtown Walking Tour It gives a write up of what the old high street buildings were originally used for. This building, Sheep Creek Post Office, was constructed in 1882. It was moved to its present location in 1887 and continued to serve as a post office until the 1930s. Although it looks like stone, it is actually a pressed tin siding. The building is currently a French Restaruant (and if you click on the picture to enlarge it, yes, that is a black squirrel running across the road!)J&E

Happy Halloween

News reports say that this was the warmest Halloween in 50 years. This brought the kids out in force. This was our second Halloween in Canada but our first year of giving out candy. We thought that nearly 300 pieces would be plenty. We will know better next year!

These are our porch decorations and pumkins which we were very pleased with. We were most proud when we saw one of our neighbours taking a photo of our efforts.
These are some of our neighbours’ decorations – we think we still have a fair way to go to keep up with these guys. J&E

Sheep River, Okotoks

For those of you who have followed this blog for a considerable period, you might recall this post about a walk that we took along the Sheep River in the middle of winter, in early January 2008…
A rather different scene presented itself on a visit there today, a glorious day in early autumn with a clear blue sky and temperatures up in the high 70’s.We just love this time of year – it is so pretty.



One beautifully sunny afternoon during his stay with us, Andrew felt the urge for a round of golf and his chosen spot for this adventure was our local 9 hole course here in Okotoks, the Crystal Ridge Golf Course…

To get that 18 hole experience he was after, Andrew completed the circuit twice, while Eamonn came along for the ride in the buggy, Eamonn’s hand-eye co-ordination being such that if he actually attempted to swing a club, these unsuspecting little fellows would probably have been transited to the great pond in the sky!Andrew looked every inch the professional and soon got into his stride, here, putting for yet another par on this hole (a phrase Eamonn could not have uttered with any understanding at the start of the round!)And here he is waiting to tee off, buggy in the background, houses a safe distance further back (as long as Eamonn didn’t play!)Andrew felt it was a decent challenge and a very attractive course.