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“How high can a human body fly!”

On the back of the High River Rodeo footage that we posted yesterday, here is some footage that we took at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in July 2007. Some of you will have seen this before as we emailed it to a number of people the same day we captured this but now we are in Stampede season again, this is worth sharing with a wider audience.

The footage highlights a number of things for us:
a) That all Bull Riders are completely insane to participate!
b) That sometimes the Bull has all the fun!
c) That Bull Riders put football (ie: soccer) players to shame…compare your average footballer, who needs to be stretchered from the field when he gets a “liddle bitty” bruise, to this guy (you have to watch the clip to the end to appreciate his bravery) and
d) The fact that a Rodeo Announcer and Rodeo Clown will find humour in just about any circumstance…the announcer’s “How high can a human body fly?…he went clear out of the camera shot” comment, oddly, seemed entirely appropriate somehow!

Just so you know, the simultaneous “ooooohhhh” from the crowd, late on in the clip as the Bull Rider is walking away, is because they showed a replay of the incident on the stadium’s big screen at that point…we’re sure he must have appreciated that!

Enjoy. Remember to click on the triangular play symbol in the middle of the picture.


High River Rodeo

As we head towards the Calgary Stampede in July, Rodeo season is in full swing and High River Rodeo started this Thursday, 19th June and continues through the weekend. Local rodeos like High River are a great way to experience the rodeo. They are inexpensive (in this case, just $10/£5 each entrance fee), not too crowded (the viewing stand at High River accommodates maybe 2-3 thousand people) and they get you really close to the action. We went along on Thursday night and had an excellent few hours entertainment.

Every rodeo has a Rodeo Clown who spends the evening entertaining the crowd with a mixture of banter with the Rodeo Announcer, interacting with the crowd and general displays of, well, “clown-like” behaviour. Our clown last night was very entertaining.The Saddle Broncs are all action. Staying on for 8 seconds seems a hell of a challenge.Of course, not every horse or bull is entirely on its game and ready to buck the moment the gate opens, although equally, we’re not sure the rodeo clown’s advice on how to resolve the matter was entirely accurate…”Lift his tail and stick a quarter in!” To play this and the subsequent videos below, click on the play button in the middle of the picture.Team Roping requires much co-ordination between the two members of the team.


Barrel Racing is the only ladies event at a Rodeo. It is one of the most exciting though and requires great skill, dexterity and speed. Here’s a photo and then, so you can really get a sense of what it is like, a video clip.Of course, Bull Riding is, along with the Chuckwagon Racing, the highlight of most people’s rodeo evening. Bull Riders…just plain crazy if you ask us. Judge for yourself…The Chuckwagon Races are all action organised chaos. The skill exercised in controlling the horses and wagon at high speed, with 3 other wagons at close quarters, as they hurl themselves around tight corners, is quite incredible.J&E