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Snow in September

A snow storm stared to roll in on Monday 8th September, which I think is the earliest we have ever known snow.  We only have to see snow during the month of June, July and August to say we have seen snow every month! We feel sure it is only a matter of time before this will happen.  The snow is wet and heavy and is causing problems with power lines (many areas have lost power) and also tree branches falling onto roads and highways.




Here’s hoping it doesn’t last long and the nice sunshine and high temperatures predicted for early next week will get rid of it for a good few weeks yet!


ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett

Continuing the theme of local authors that we kicked off with our recent post about Ingrid Baier’s Fish On book, we now want to bring another published Okotokian to your attention!

Chris Garrett and his co-author Darren Rowse are highly regarded in the blogging and internet marketing world. It’s Chris that’s the local boy among this duo, having recently moved with his wife and daughter from the UK.  When we say these guys are highly regarded in their sphere, we are rather under-playing it.  For instance, these guys were invited to speak at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010 in Las Vegas.  Here’s a video of Chris being interviewed at the Expo.

Chris and Darren’s book, “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income” has a fairly self explanatory title and it is now in its second edition.

The book is available in book stores but also on, here.  You can preview the book on Amazon and if, like us, you are interested in blogging and want a grounded view on how to focus and develop what you are doing with your blog (whether generating income is a goal or not), then it is an excellent read.

Fish On – Seafood Dishes that Make a Splash by Ingrid Baier

We had to share this with you all as we think it is just so excellent!

Our next door neighbours, the Baier family, have been so friendly and welcoming to us since we arrived in Crystal Shores Pt back in 2007. Along with the Vincent family on the other side of us, we couldn’t wish for better neighbours. We all chat away and help eachother out where we can but this past couple of days, we have discovered a remarkable secret about Ingrid Baier – she is a published author!

Modest and unassuming, Ingrid has never thought to mention this to us before! We were gobsmacked! The book that Ingrid has recently had published is a down to earth cookbook that gives many great ways to enjoy fish. It is called “Fish On – Seafood Dishes that Make a Splash”.

You can see from the link below that it is readily available via

Fish On – Seafood Dishes that Make a Splash by Ingrid Baier

Ingrid has been kind enough to provide Jan and I with a copy with a little inscription and this is something that we will treasure. If you want to preview the book, you can do so via the Amazon site at the link above.

Should anyone wish to buy a copy (and have it signed by Ingrid) to add to your own cookbook selection, order it from Amazon and when it arrives with you, drop me a line to let me know and we’ll figure out a plan for getting Ingrid’s signature on it.  Jan has 3 on order (for her sisters and for her Mum and Dad, as a little Christmas present).

This has been a strange year for meeting authors.  We’ll blog about another author living among us shortly.


Moving To Canada?

Are you moving to Canada? Let us help you.

Eamonn is a Realtor licensed to operate in Alberta, so if you are looking to relocate to Alberta and buy property here, drop Eamonn a line. Contact details follow later in this post. Janet is the Office Manager of the same, supportive and hugely experienced, RE/MAX real estate brokerage that Eamonn is a Realtor at.

But I’m not moving to Alberta but to another Canadian Province instead?

Via the RE/MAX network of real estate offices that Eamonn is associated with, he can help you find a Realtor that suits YOUR needs and personal preferences, pretty much anywhere in Canada, so again, drop Eamonn a line.

But should I make contact now…I’m not moving to Canada for months or even years?

That’s fine – we have been through the process you are going through and know how slowly the wheels can turn. We understand the million questions racing around your head about a myriad of subjects, not just property. As such, it is never too early to establish and build a strong and trusting relationship. Many people contact Eamonn way ahead of when they actually intend to move here and buy a home – he treats everyone the same, with total dedication to helping address all manner of concerns and issues, not just real estate ones. So get in touch – even if your plan is to rent a property in the first instance and buy later.

But how can I trust you – you’re just someone else on the internet?

We understand. So, take a bit of time to get to know us before making contact. We are totally non pushy and are an “open book”. We share our lives with thousands (literally) of people, all over the world, via this blog. So sit down with a beverage of your choice and enjoy a walk through our lives here in Canada. You will hopefully realise we are anything but frightening or false and will feel comfortable enough to email us to say “Hi”. We’re here to help.

OK, nice blog, but I’m still unsure…

Caution is sensible! Then know that Eamonn gives freely of his time to help people looking for advice on moving to Canada. In most cases, the recipients of the advice are people that we have no hope of ever doing business with. We do this on a variety of immigration related internet discussion boards. To date, across these various boards, we have posted over 1,600 times.

Whether it’s a word or two of encouragement or congratulations, looking up a key fact or spending hours researching and relaying informal advice about emigration routes open to individuals and family units, we give freely of our time to help others. If we do that for people we will likely never do business with, imagine how hard Eamonn (with Janet’s assistance) works for his clients. If you use such discussion boards, you’ll always know it is us. We always use screen name, “Getting There”.

Indeed, we are so happy to share our experience of moving to Canada that we wrote an article for the British Expats website editorial team and they decided to publish it. You can read the article here.

Jan & Eam Emigrate From The Uk To Alberta

Ready to make contact?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s how.

Email Eamonn at

or come and take a look at Eamonn’s Real Estate and Relocation website at and use the contact options on there.

or if you use Facebook or Skype, add Eamonn O’Gorman of Okotoks, Canada as a friend/contact.

To those of you that have already selected Eamonn as your Realtor/Relocator, thank you – it’s great working with you.



So, after a month of waiting, we took possession of our new house on Wednesday, 14th November. However, we spent that night as our final night at the barn as we had to wait until the following day until our UK furniture (and a number of other items) were delivered.

We were pleasantly surprised to see how much stuff we could fit into the car (we had been stock-piling essential purchases at the barn over the prior few weeks).

On Thursday morning, we arrived at the house bright and early and shortly afterwards, the lorry delivering our goods shipped from the UK, arrived.

There were just two, apparently slightly built chaps on board to shift all our belongings but boy, could they carry heavy loads! They would reach behind their backs and grab the far edges of a package and then run into the house and if necessary, up the steps) with the package (some of which were extremely heavy) behind them. It looked weird but was very effective. They unpacked many of the boxes for us and left us to do others when we told them that was OK. Our driveway was a mass of packing debris when they finished some hours later.

The lads did a pretty professional job on the whole, especially as they had to work around a series of other deliveries from other companies (ie: sofas, TV, etc) the same day. We do have some damage to a small number of items but versus our expectations of moving a house full of things 4,400 miles, we’re reasonably satisfied with how things went.



Well, here she is. May we introduce Lily (after our number plate).
Having considered all the options carefully (well, this IS Janet and Eamonn we’re talking about here!) we thought, what the hell, we only live once, let’s get what we want!
Is it fuel efficient?…errr no!
Does it have eight leather seats, front seats both heated and cooled, air con, sun roof, power tailgate, 6 CD player, iPod Line in aux socket, satellite radio, memory seats, adjustable foot pedals, DVD player for the 2nd and 3rd row seats, (3rd row seats that fold down at the touch of a button), 700km on the clock, wireless garage opener and things we haven’t even figured out yet?….YES! Can it haul a load the size and weight of the 20ft container that our life’s belongings are in transit in at the moment?…apparently so! Is it fun to drive?…oh YES, YES, YES!!
Here she is against the Dodge Magnum hire car we have been driving for the last couple of weeks. This itself is an estate sized car but is sort of dwarfed.
Now we have the SUV, we decided to return the hire car today….which meant Jan following Eam all the way from De Winton to Calgary Airport (50km) where the car hire office is…up the busiest highway in Calgary, the Deerfoot Trail. With only country music radio for company, she weaved in and out of the traffic like she’d been doing it for years and we both arrived safely at the airport before dropping off the car and leaving together in Lily!