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Hail Storm

We had the most incredible hail storm in Okotoks today.  We think it is definitely the biggest hail we have ever seen and it has done a lot of damage in the area especially to windows, roofs, cars etc.

We don’t think I captured some of the biggest pieces that fell, but you get the idea!




Flood Damage in Kananaskis

Today we decided to take a trip to Kananaskis Village.  What we weren’t really prepared for was the amount flood damage.  We saw a lot of devastation along the rivers and piles of debris but the washed out bridge/road was an incredible reminder of the strength and force of the water that flowed through Southern Alberta over 1 year ago!







Double Rainbow

001-Double-RainbowWe just had to post this beautiful double rainbow. Apparently (after checking on Wikipedia of course) the colours of the secondary rainbow are reversed, the secondary rainbow is also lighter, so we assume that is the top one.   We are not sure we have ever seen a double rainbow before and of course the wide open skies here make for great viewing!

Waterton in May!

We decided to take a drive to Waterton today, what we didn’t quite reckon on was the total difference in the weather from Okotoks. The amount of snow still hanging around in Waterton on 30th May was quite something!  It is such a beautiful  place in the summer – but today we had an insight as to just how long and tough the winters there might be!

002-Snow 003-Snow

We just had to take a photo of the Prince of Wales – it is hard to go to Waterton and not!




Oil City Monument below, to read more about it visit:


Although for most of the day it stayed fine, as we were leaving the weather started to turn and the clouds began to roll in!


However as we got closer to home, the weather started to improve again and we were back into sunshine before we knew it!  We just had to stop and take a quick snap of this cute little calf who seemed to want to cool down or play in the water.




The Lake Freezing

This blog post is for especially for Lee in the UK, who wanted to see some photos of the lake freezing.  We have never really monitored how quickly the lake starts to freeze once it begins to get colder, so actually, we thought it quite a good idea!

We first noticed ice on the north end of the lake on 13th November.  However, it warmed up a little the next day and it looked as though most of it had melted.

We took this photo on 17th November which doesn’t look much further along than it had looked to us on the 13th.

We took these two the next day, the 18th November (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and with the amount of snow and freezing temperatures, you can see that the lake is pretty much covered now.

19th November 2010
20th November 2010
21st November 2010
22nd November 2010
There doesn’t seem to be much changing on the surface at the moment, so we have decided to leave it a few days.
24th November 2010
We have the first person testing the lake.
He was obviously happy with the thickness of the ice, as the skating rink prep begins.  Not being brought up with this sort of thing, we usually wait until the lake staff put up their notice to say the lake is safe to go on!
However, this was issued on 25th November from the Beach House saying that the last recorded ice thickness was two inches and it is not yet considered safe – oops.
Sunday 28th November 2010
It was quite a nice day out, not too cold.  So more work begins on creating new skating rinks.

They certainly make the most of it and were out on the lake for several hours.

However, on 29th November, they Beach House was still suggesting that the ice is still not thick enough at just six inches, which seems quite thick.  However, we believe the Beach House likes the ice to be 10″ to 12″ in depth for greater safety, (especially for use by the community at large as opposed to these few folk) which is just fine by us!!

On the 1st December the ice seems to be melting as the notice on the website had changed from 6 inches to 5.5 inches.  It was still saying that on 9th December so we popped into the beach house.  Unfortunately, due to the warmer weather, they are saying that it is unlikely to be considered safe until after Christmas. 
However, while we wait, we have had a couple of garden visitors over the past week or so.


 Have you ever seen a deer under a trampoline?  They seem to quite like it under there.
Personally, we think seeing a deer on a trampoline, instead of underneath it, would make a much better photo!

We will keep you posted.

Snow Storm – The Aftermath

After the amount of snow that had fallen yesterday, it was understandable that there would be some consequences today.

Snow drift on our covered front porch.

 This is our drive taken from the bonus room window.


Drifts from the front of the house…actually, this is after clearing away most of what was a snow drift about two and a half feet tall!
And the Shovelling begins!
Snow piled up afer shovelling – one side.
Snow piled up – both sides.
A sprinkling of snow on the road!
Kids off Sledging.
Our neighbours used to have a basement window here!
This is our poor tree, we can’t see anything of its trunk!
Snow drift in the back garden.  We would estimate that to be about three feet high.
The lake is probably well on its way to being deeply frozen now!
And finally, we can’t tell you the number of vehicles we have seen in this situation…

Brutal Weather Today

Well in our time here to date, today is probably one of the worst storms we have experienced.  A weather warning has been in place since yesterday. The wind and snow started early this morning (around 9am), and within a couple of hours visibility was poor on the highways and deteriorating rapidly. As conditions were one of the most extreme we have experienced, we decided to take a short film.

We were told that some schools have been closing and the local police are encouraging people to stay off the highways.  The Christmas parade, due to be held in High River this evening, has been cancelled along with the Festival of Lights in Airdrie.

The snow is blowing around so much that the houses at the other side of the lake are no longer visible!

The windows of our house are so covered in snow that we cannot see out of them properly – this has never happened to this degree before.

The following highway alert has also been issued:

“R C M P in the Calgary area are asking motorists to stay off of the highways. The Queen Elizabeth Highway 2, northbound and southbound is closed between Calgary and Airdrie because of a motor vehicle collision. Highway 2 at the highway 7 intersection near Okotoks is closed due to a multiple vehicle pile-up.”

We just hope all our friends take lots of care and get back safely today/tonight.